FAQ & Troubleshooting


How do I open the door with the keypad?

1. See Programming the Keypad FAQ item

2. Once the PIN has been set, simply enter PIN and press Enter to operate the door.

How do I program the keypad to the opener?

1. Press the LEARN button on the rear control panel of the opener. The courtesy light will illuminate (Models 315, 415 & 425) or the “OK” LED will illuminate (Models 615 & 628). The unit is now ready to pair with the keypad within the next 30 seconds.

2. Enter your 2-6 digit PIN on the Keyless Entry within 30 seconds and press ENTER when complete.

3. Courtesy light will flash twice (Models 315, 415 & 425) or the “OK” LED will flash and beep twice (Models 615 & 628) indicating the PIN has been stored.

How do I program the remote to the opener?

1. Press the Learn button on the rear control panel of the opener. The courtesy light will illuminate (415 & 425 units) or the “OK” LED will illuminate (615 & 628 units). The unit is now ready to pair with the remote within the next 30 seconds.

2. Press the desired button on the remote

3. Courtesy light will flash twice (415 & 425 units) or the “OK” LED will flash and beep twice (615 & 628 units) indicating the remote has been coded.

4. Up to 20 Remotes (including wireless entry keypads) can be stored to the unit.

What do I do if my remote control does not open my garage door?

1. Check the LED indicator on the remote, if there is no LED indication when the button is pressed, replace battery in remote.

2. If the LED indicator is working then re-program remote

What are force adjustments?

Force adjustments adjust the amount of force used by the operator when opening/closing the garage door.  Some force adjustments are programmed by manual settings while other units self-learn the forces required and set them automatically.  Each door will require its own custom force settings.

Is the photo eye safety system required for door operation?

Yes – This is a US federal law that went into effect on January 1, 1993.  Every residential door opener sold in the United States after the above date must have an authorized external entrapment protection device installed.  The photo-eyes must be installed across the threshold of the garage door and be installed at a maximum height of 6” off the floor.  There are NO exceptions on the height rule.

How do I open the lens cover to replace the light bulb?

For Models 415 & 425, gently pull down on the lens and pull the lens away from the operator head. For Models 615 & 628, press lightly on the black plugs and pull the lens cover away. When reattaching the lens, be sure both black plugs are tightly in the lens cover holes.

How do I open the door manually when there is a power outage?

All openers are provided with a release device to place the door in manual mode.  Look for a red cord and handle that hangs from the operator trolley and pull straight down.  This will release the door from the operator and permit you to open the door manually.  As a precaution always release the door when it is in the closed position.

Why is my garage door opener not closing?

Check the external entrapment protection device (photo-eyes) and all wiring to and from the operator.  The external entrapment protection device will communicate a fault to the operator if there is any malfunction.  This will prevent the door from closing with a momentary input.  To test the system, push and hold the push-button to check if the door will close with constant contact.  Constant contact on the close button will over-ride the external entrapment protection device.

What are limit settings?

Limit adjustments define the points at which the garage door will come to rest in the open or closed position.  There is a down limit setting that stops the door at the close position and open limit setting that stop the door at the desired open position.  Each door will require its own custom settings.


I am having problems programming my operator to HomeLink®.

View the HomeLink® programming video on the Service Videos page.

Call 1-800-355-3515 for HomeLink® technical service assistance.

My Model 600SL, 615 or 628 operator beeps 20x when I try to close the door.

20 beeps is a signal that the Photo Eye Safety System has been obstructed during door closing.  Check the alignment of the Photo Eyes.  A solid red and solid green LED on the Photo Eyes will indicate alignment. 

A Guardian operator will function properly only with Photo Eyes made by Guardian Access Corp.

My Model 600SL, 615 or 628 operator beeps 12x when I press my remote or push button.

12 beeps signals that the operator is traveling at an abnormal speed (remaining at rest after a command may be abnormal).  The operator is either not receiving a command to start/stop or is not receiving position information from the RPM encoder.  Follow these steps:

1. Unplug the opener, wait a couple seconds, then reconnect to power.  If the courtesy light flashes 5x, the limit/force program has been lost--follow the reprogamming steps (see operator beeps 5x).  If the courtesy light flashes 3x, the limits are confirmed and stored.

2. If the operator does not move when commanded, a relay may be stuck.  Gently tap on the operator cover over the control board (where the buttons are) with the handle of a screwdriver.  The vibration from the tapping should free a relay if it's stuck due to overload and high current.  If this works, the door opener will operate again.  However, a logic board replacement is recommended.  Most often the cause of a stuck relay is a high current draw due high loads.  Check the door installation for source of the overload.  

3. If tapping does not solve the issue, call Guardian Tech Service.  A tech will recommend additonal tests to determine whether a replacement circuit board is needed.  

4. If the operator only travels 1" to 28", then beeps 12x, check the RPM encoder (wire connections and general condition of the encoder).  A replacement RPM coder may be required.

5. Call Guardian Technical Service: 1-424-272-6998

My Model 600SL, 615 or 628 operator beeps 5x when I press my remote or push button.

5 beeps indicates that the limit and force program is not currently stored in the operator memory.  Reprogram the limits and forces by following the programming steps in the manual.  If the manual cannot be found, a manual or quick-start guide can be found on the product page and downloaded.

I cannot program my keypad.

Check the keypad battery and replace if needed.  Continue programming as per the instructions under the keypad cover.

How do I know if I have successfully paired my keypad to the opener?

During the learn period the operator light will flash twice (Models 415 & 425) or beep twice (Models 615, 628 & 600SL) once the keypad has been successfully coded. The next input from the keypad will start the operator.

The remote control only works when I am at a very close range to the garage door.

There is most likely RF interference or the antenna may not be positioned correctly.  

1. Check the antenna, it should hang down from the operator, away from other wires.  

2. Shut down other devices like flourescent lighting, motors, and baby monitors in close proximity to isolate the interfering component.  Try your remote.  If range imporves an interfereing signal is being sent by one of the shut down devices.  

3. Shut down all devices in the house.  A good way to do this is by turning off all the circuit breakers in the house.  Turn on the breakers one by one to isolate the interference.

4. If using an LED light bulb in the courtesy light, remove the LED bulb and try again. 

My remote is not programming to the opener.

Try to program a second remote to isolate the problem. If only one remote is programming then you should check the remote battery or replace the remote. If both or more remotes do not program then there is a problem with the on board radio receiver. A replacement control board will be required.

I lost my remote and need to replace it.

All Guardian remotes will function with all Guardian openers. See your nearest Guardian authorized dealer and order the remote of your choice.

The LED on my remote has become dimmer, but the door is still opening and closing properly.

The LED is the indicator of RF output and battery life. The battery life is relative to the LED, so a dull light indicates the battery will soon need replacing, which is a warning that you may soon get locked out with a dead remote.