Designed for style and engineered for performance. ClearCom® remotes provide better range and provide the same consistent code burst without regard to how the user presses the button. One, two or three-button versions are available.

  • FREQUENCY: 303MHz/390MHz dual frequency burst
  • BUTTONS: Model D1B: 1, Model D2B: 2, Model D3B: 3
  • CODES: 4 million on each button
  • OPERATING RANGE (tested): 200 ft. (61 m)
  • COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with any Guardian 303MHz or 303MHz/390MHz dual frequency agile receiver
  • BATTERY: 1 x CR2032, 3V button cell (Included)
  • Visor clip is included


This product contains a CR coin cell lithium battery which contains perchlorate material. Special handling may apply. See
Keep away from small children. If battery is swallowed, promptly see a doctor. Do not try to recharge this battery. Disposal of this battery must be in accordance with your local waste management and recycling regulations.

Item Number: 
D1B, D2B, D3B