1. Blake Kennedy's picture
    Sep 20, 2022

    Garage Door - Guardian SL 600
    Problem: Stuck in Up Position, Released to close door
    No obstructions in the sensors line
    Beeps: 12 Times when Remote, or Wired is pushed
    Beeps 5 Times after disconnecting Power, and reconnecting power

    Walked through Troubleshooting with Guardian Tech Support
    Most Likely Relay, Motor, etc.

    Would like a recommendation for Authorized Guardian Service in Carrollton, TX 75006

  1. Brian's picture
    Sep 21, 2022

    Steve Mims, Spring King Garage Doors, does good service work. 

    682-554-5438, smimsebiz@gmail.com

  1. Larry York's picture
    Apr 29, 2023

    Dealer programmed two remotes to operate my Guardian 615. I purchased an additional Liftmaster 380UT remote. My Guardian 615 will not respond to the new remote.
    Your suggestions?

  1. Brian's picture
    Apr 29, 2023


    All universals are not universal.  Return the LiftMaster 380UT.  This remote control is NOT compatible with Guardian garage door openers.  Ask for a Guardian remote control if a third remote is needed.

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