Client:Centurion Garage Doors
Date: 2015

Challenge: With skilled labor becoming harder to find and more costly when it could be found, the installed cost of a new garage door was increasing and becoming too expensive for many home owners. A garage door OEM approached Guardian with an idea to help reduce the installed cost of their doors. If garage door hinges were pre-installed on panels at the factory, installation time could be reduced.

Solution: The quick-fit hinge system was developed with Guardian engineering. A design for molded plastic hinges that would lock into a garage door panel was engineered, tooled, manufactured and supplied. Supplied hinges are assembled with the door panel at the door OEM factory. The “lock and load” integrated panel design are assembled on site by the installer in half the time, allowing more doors to be installed at the site or reduce the installer's time on site. In addition, the number of components was reduced creating a piece count cost reduction. The pre-lubricated nylon material runs quietly, does not require lubrication, provides corrosion resistance (important in coastal or high salt environment applications) and provides a unique clean door panel design.