Client: Global Customers
Date: 2009-2015

Challenge: A company’s brand provides an identity and when accompanied with an effective brand strategy it can provide a company with a competitive advantage. A brand communicates a level of quality or expectations that evokes an emotional reaction. Many dealers, distributors and garage door OEMs believe their brand is what differentiates their offering in the marketplace from the competition. Private label programs require coordination and investment. And because of their disruption to a manufacture’s operations and strategic goals, private label products and programs are not undertaken by most manufacturers. Guardian’s challenge was to keep our customers in mind to deliver solutions that promote growth.

Solution: A program was established in which a company can furnish Guardian with details on how its name and logo should appear on one of various operator enclosure options, remotes and packaging. With an initial investment provided for print screens and tooling, plus MOQ of cartons and instruction manuals; an order is placed to our factory for 2000 private label garage door opener units. After delivery of the first 2000 units, the initial tooling investment will be refunded.