Guardian introduces beam technology. beam works with a number of other Internet of Things products and services. Search for beam Home and download the free app. Make your garage even smarter with some of our integrations that are FREE from subscription charges. Find out more by watching the beam Smart Control Kit video.

...adding a device to control my garage door with Alexa and not being killed by all the subscription fees that are associated with other smart products makes the beam Smart Control Kit easy to own.

Woody L., Chicago, IL


Unlike other Smart controllers and Smart garage door openers on the market, there are no subscription fees to use the beam integrations. Many homeowners are thrilled with the thought of using their operator's Smart capabilities with Alexa or other IFTTT integration only to find out it will cost another $10 to $25 per year for the service. With the beam Smart Control Kit from Guardian using all integrations, like Alexa, are FREE. See how the beam Home app works.


beam enabled products use industry-standard security technology to keep your data and access to your garage safe and secure. All communications and sensitive data are secured in our databases using security technology equivalent to numerous online banking platforms. In addition, numerous security mechanisms have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access to your controller. Fingerprint recognition technology can also be enabled on beam apps for enhanced security.

Security standards are updated as technology evolves.

Control Amazon Alexa with beam

Amazon Alexa is designed around your voice. Its far-field voice recognition hears you from across the room and lets you control your connected home devices without lifting a finger, beam enabled products included! It’s always on — just ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. Alexa begins working as soon as it detects the wake word (either “Alexa” or “Amazon”).

You can control many of beam’s features by speaking directly to your Amazon Echo device. Here are a few of the things with which the beam app can help:

“Alexa, tell beam to close my door”

“Alexa, tell beam to open my door”

“Alexa, tell beam to close Andrew’s Door”

“Alexa, tell beam to open Andrew’s Door”

Commands like "Alexa, tell beam to open Andrew's Door," must be followed with a pin code for security purposes.

To connect your beam controller to your Amazon Echo device, follow these steps:
  • Open the beam Home app and navigate to My Account > Integrations > Amazon Alexa. Tap "Continue".
  • Set your Pin Code and re-enter to confirm (if you’ve already set your Pin Code within your My Account settings, enter it now).
  • You'll then be directed to the Alexa Dashboard or Companion App . Go to "Skills" and search for beam Home.
  • Enable the beam Skill and enter your beam account email and password.
  • Choose "Allow"
  • Ask Alexa “Alexa, ask beam if any of my doors are open.”

The Amazon Alexa team is always adding more functionality. Read about how More Natural Control with Open, Close, Raise, and Lower Semantic Extensions will be enabled with beam technology and your Guardian Smart Control Kit.

beam Commands

The beam integration with Alexa gets smarter every day. Before you can link your beam to Alexa, you must first enable the beam skill (see above). To open the beam skill, say:

“Alexa, launch beam”

Here is a mostly complete list of commands:

  • “Alexa, ask beam what the names of my doors are”–get the names of your doors
  • “Alexa, ask beam for help”--Get helpful information
  • “Alexa, tell beam to close my door”–Close an open door
  • “Alexa, tell beam to open my door”–Open a closed door (requires a Pin Code)
  • “Alexa, ask beam if my door is open”–Check if door(s) are open

Having Trouble?
If you’re having trouble getting started or if Amazon Echo device doesn’t seem to understand something you are asking it to do, check out our using beam page to view answers to common issues!

Connect the beam controller with IFTTT

Unlike other Smart service providers, using beam technology does not require a subscription and is free. IFTTT (If This Then That) lets you easily connect the beam Channel to other services and devices in your world. You can now connect the beam Channel right from within our app! To connect the beam Channel, follow these steps:

    1. Log into the beam App
    2. Go to "Account Settings"
    3. Choose "Integrations"
    4. Choose "IFTTT"
    5. Choose an Applet that you would like to enable and follow the onscreen instructions!

Note: Actions using this integration will not appear in your IFTTT Applet Log (for now). You can also connect your beam Smart Control Kit on

Apple Watch

A native mobile app is available for Apple Watch.®. The app is free to download, search for beam Home, but requires the purchase and installation of a beamUP Smart Controller.

This product is designed to be compatible with the Apple Watch and has acquired the "Made for Apple Watch" certification that meets the performance standards set by Apple.

  • Gives you the freedom to leave home without your keys
  • Real-time push notifications means you’re always know

Apple Watch® and the App Store® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

Phones that Support beam

Currently, beam technology supports:

  • iPhone/iPod/iPad (iOS 14.3+)
  • Apple Watch (WatchOS 7.0+)
  • Android (5.0+)
  • BlackBerry Devices: Refer to BlackBerry documentation on how to run an Android app on your device.

beam integration is currently unavailable for Windows Phone.

beam Smart Control Kit

Upgrade your current garage door opener with the beam Smart Control Kit.

Control and monitor your garage door remotely using your smart phone or other smart devices.

Find out more by watching the beam Smart Control Kit how-it-works video.

Click here for help troubleshooting or call 424-272-6998.

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