Guardian products are made for the professional trade and are available only through authorized distributors and dealers.

Guardian is one of the largest and most vertically integrated manufacturers of garage door operators and related garage door hardware. Our capabilities allow us to have an active and thriving global customer base.

The performance and reliability of the CORE SERIES garage door operators are known globally. The model 415 and model 425 are tried and true and have a powerful and reliable AC motor that will lift even the heaviest residential garage door reliably for years to come. With their quick installation and simple installer preferred mechanical travel limits and adjustable force programming features, these operators are preferred by professional contractors.

Guardian’s PRO SERIES operators are engineered for smooth & quiet operation. Reliable 24V DC motors with precision controlled electronic limits, soft-start and stop and automatic force learning feature can be coupled with a belt drive for one of the most silent systems around. Drive choice is always in the customer’s hands. All Guardian operators can be supplied with a chain or best drive with a heavy duty T-rail or a C-rail to cover the chain or belt. Guardian will never compromise on safety. All operators are in compliance with the latest industry standards and offer a unique photo-eye system with protective steel enclosure and water-resistant design.


ClearCom® and the double-C logo signify Guardian's dual-frequency radio controls. ClearCom remotes have been designed to cut through radio interference that is everpresent in today's environment. Guardian’s stable code transmits on 303MHz & 390MHz and is the only garage door opener remote control that can be programmed to the HomeLink® system in any automobile on the road today.


Guardian offers a complete line of door operator controls and convenience accessories.


Guardian is a prominent global manufactures of die castings for the garage door industry. Two die-casting plants produce cable drums and spring fittings.

Hinges, brackets, safety devices, roller door parts, handles, couplers, collar and hoists are stamped, assembled and packaged. Roller, bearing & pulley assembly is fully automated. Standard or proprietary design plastic injection molded components are made in our factory where quality is assured.


Guardian works with a leading industry partner to supply our customers with product to meet their needs. A full line of commercial and industrial garage door openers, control panels and special application modification systems is available for our customers. This is just another way Guardian uses its flexibility and service to differentiate from the competition. All operators meet UL325 (2010) requirements.


Ask us about items to meet your special needs. In collaboration with our many customers, products have been developed to reduce cost, provide differentiation, competitive advantages and improved operating efficiency.

As an OEM/ODM manufacturer of garage door components and operators for over 30 years, Guardian has developed a highly vertically integrated operation. From aluminum and zinc die casting, steel stamping, plastic injection molding to garage door operator design and assembly, Guardian has developed a reputation as a quality supplier. We enjoy the privilege of supplying our products to market leading OEMs and dealers in over 30 countries spanning 6 continents. Guardian products are engineered to deliver the quality you expect and the dependability that you deserve.