TECHNICAL REFERENCE: Replacement Parts Booklet

Jan. 1, 2020 Edition.  A downloadable booklet with replacement parts, part numbers and explosion views of all Guardian garage door operators.

Click on link:


  1. Sharon Presley's picture
    Mar 10, 2018

    My Guardian 3/4 horse power 600 SL opener's belt has broken. I would like to purchase a replacement belt.

  1. Brian's picture
    Mar 10, 2018

    Dear Sharon,

    The replacement part (GUT-7B: for a 7' high door or GUT-8B for an 8' high door) can be purchase through your installing dealer or an authorized reseller.  An authorized internet reseller is




  1. Linda's picture
    Nov 24, 2018

    My new house came with 2 Guardian garage door openers but the previous owner has lost the can I get replacements? I think it says charger that useful? How do I get replacements?

  1. Robbie's picture
    Dec 28, 2018

    My garage door only goes half way up and it keeps beeping. This happened after a power outage

  1. Brian's picture
    Dec 30, 2018


    Please note your model number, the operator serial number (found on top of the steel chassis above the buttons) and count the number of beeps after the remote is pressed,  With this information handy, please call tech service at 1-424-272-6998 for troubleshooting solutions.  Thanks

  1. Jennifer Richardson's picture
    Jan 13, 2019

    Where is the battery located in a Guatdian model 21230L Not the remote

  1. Brian's picture
    Jan 23, 2019

    Hi Jennifer,

    The 21230L is an AC garage door opener.  It does not have a battery.  See linked spec sheet.

    If you are in Australia, follow the link for more information

    If you are in New Zealand contact:  Windsor Doors

    Windsor Doors Auckland

    347 Great South Rd.

    Takanini 2112, Auckland

    P: 09 298 8655   F: 09 298 0626

    Windsor Doors Christchurch

    Doric Way, Waterloo Business Park


    P: 03 343 3276   F: 03 343 3761

    Windsor Doors Wellington

    (Incorporating Castle Doors Ltd)

    95 Nelson Street,

    Petone, Wellington

    P: 0800 020 785 F: 04 589 3986

    Windsor Doors Hamilton Unit 8

    170 Maui Street

    Te Rapa, Hamilton

    P: 07 850 6140   F: 09 298 0626

  1. Tim's picture
    May 19, 2019

    I have a Guardian 600SL door and the pull string got caught in the top of the vehicle and broke from the connection piece. Can that piece be replaced?

  1. Kendra S's picture
    Jan 09, 2021

    I have a Guardian model 628. How do I get replacement openers? Also, there’s a part in the wall opener that popped off. Where would I find that part?

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