Known as the Door Operator Guru, Roy Bardowell is one of the most respected and knowledgeable men in the garage door and operator industry.  His special passion for residential garage door, commercial door and gate operators leaves an impression on everyone he meets.  Roy's training sessions at IDA Expos are always the one of the most widely attended sessions. He has been recognized by IDEA with the "Commitment to Excellence Award" and is an IDEA Certified Door Dealer Consultant.  Roy is a member of the tech service team at Micanan Systems. He was Operations Manager at Guardian until 2012.  We hope that you find Roy's articles informative and entertaining.  Feel free to leave your comments for Roy.


Who drives into garage doors? ...NO ONE!

By Roy Bardowell, CDDC

The answer is simple—IN 45 YEARS OF GARAGE DOOR SERVICE I have never met the person who has admitted to driving into a garage door, so the answer is…No One!? You can drive into a door from the inside or outside, but most cases happen in colder climates when they slide on ice into their door. When someone does drive into their door they are so shamed they drove into a big item such as their house, they will not admit it and look for something else to blame. The common excuse is “My door closed in front of me or closed on my car.” Let’s be clear about this, no operator will start by itself. It has to be told to go! This could be from the wall push-button, a remote, or other intended input like an added auto close device which I never recommend. On apartment house doors with a self-closing timer, people do tend to race the door and try to slide under it before it touches the floor. This is a dangerous policy and it will only be a short while before someone miscalculates and hits the door. When this happens don’t expect the person to come forward and fess up. The door closed on their car will be their reply. EVERY TIME!

The operator is the perfect scapegoat because it cannot speak and defend itself. Being in door repair for 45 years I have developed a detective-like mind and by looking at the damage to the door and vehicle, I can determine what really happened. People ask me all the time—how can we prevent people from crashing into the door? One thing you can do is post a 15MPH speed limit or place tall speed bumps to force people to go slowly. Secondly you can install in-ground loops 20 feet on each side of the door to reverse the door when closing. An added benefit to loops is a car will reset a timer giving the driver extended time before the door closes. A third option is too install barrier arms on each side of the door which will prevent a vehicle from getting close to the door until it is fully open. Extra logic and costs will be associated with this option. Of course none of these options would apply to a residence. People have to learn how to take care and be careful. On multi-family apartments building manager should notify the users they will be financially responsible for damage due to their stupidity. A camera that tapes the door area when the door is in motion is probably a good option to consider.

Roy Bardowell, CDDC, is a member of the tech support team at Micanan Systems.  He served as Operations Manager at Guardian Access & Door Hardware until 2012.  He has been in the door and operator industry since 1973 and is known as one of the industry’s most experienced operator technicians and trainers.  Roy received the IDEA Commitment to Excellence award in 2008 and IDA’s Jerry R. Reynolds Volunteer Service Award in 2017.  Contact him at
  1. Bob's picture
    Oct 24, 2017

    I have a Clicker KLIK2U.... Does it work with a Guardian? If so what is the id code for Guardian

  1. Brian's picture
    Oct 26, 2017

    A Clicker is not Universal.  It will not  work with a Guardian garage door opener.  Google "Guaridan GDOR2B" for sources that will sell a compaible remote.  If more help is needed please call 1-424-272-6998.

  1. Anonymous's picture
    Nov 15, 2017

    No I don't believe Clicker included the Guardian frequency in their product.

  1. Elmore Haney's picture
    Nov 08, 2017

    We have a 2011 Ford Escape with an Interior System for operation of Exterior Gates, Garage Door and House Security Lights. I am unable to Program the Guardian 630SL with the vehicle equipped system which worked with the other Garage Door Opener our home had. Is there a reason I am unable to set up this Opener purchased from your company using the "Guardian Remote Clicker" the only answer to this inconvenience ?

  1. Brian's picture
    Nov 16, 2017


    There are two systems auto manufactures supply with their cars, HomeLink, made by Gentex and Car2U made by Leer Corp.  Guardian operators are compatible with HomeLink, but not Car2U.  Please check your car's owner's manual to see what system is used in your vehicle.  There should also be a phone number in the manual to call for help in programming either of the two systems.


  1. Scott Caryer's picture
    Nov 11, 2017

    I have two guardian remote controls that do NOT open our Guardian garage door opener. I have replaced the batteries in both units, and they still do not work. However, the external wall mounted wireless garage door opener works, as well as the embedded garage door openers in our Honda cars. So what is not working are the two guardian remotes. Please provide some direction to troublehoot and solve this issue.

    Thanks in advance...Scott

  1. Brian's picture
    Nov 16, 2017

    Hi Scott,

    Have the remote controls always worked with the garage door opener or is the issue something recent?  The fact that the HomeLink system in your car is working indicates that the radio receiver in the opener is working.  What are the model numbers of your opener and remote controls?  To talk directly to a tech who can help to troubleshoot, call 1-424-272-6998.

  1. Alayne's picture
    Nov 30, 2017

    Is there a way to put the lights on the opener in "motion" mode, rather than just coming on by pushing the light button or opening the garage door?

  1. Brian's picture
    Dec 04, 2017

    Dear Alayne,

    Some gargae door openers have a special control console that can provide this function.  Your Guardian opener is not adaptable to this console,  A less expensive alternative would be to replace the light switch in your carage with a passive infrared motion sensor wall switch.  This switch will recognize a presence in the room/garage and turn on/off lights accordingly.  A garage door opener system works with a set timer, so lights can remain on even after the person has left the garage.  The switch could be purchaed at any hardware of store or home center.


  1. Brian Cuyno's picture
    Jan 13, 2018


    I recently received a new unit (628) from Diego, who works at your Los Angeles office. It is now installed but I continue to have problems.

    When trying to program the up and down limits I continue to have issues, I will try to program the up limit and it will stop, which will require me to continue the process until the door is up. Then when I try to program the down sequence the door will start to go down then beep once, then stop. I go through the sequence again and the programing sequencing process does not go through smoothly. I keep pressing the limit twice for the down option, I will work for a second then it won't.

    Right now my wife and I are having to manually open and close the door.


  1. Brian's picture
    Jan 15, 2018


    Pages 16-18 in the 628 owner's manual will provide a step by step process, if more help is needed, please contact our tech service help line (424-272-6998) and a tech will walk you through the limit setting process.  


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