Known as the Door Operator Guru, Roy Bardowell is one of the most respected and knowledgeable men in the garage door and operator industry.  His special passion for residential garage door, commercial door and gate operators leaves an impression on everyone he meets.  Roy's training sessions at IDA Expos are always the one of the most widely attended sessions. He has been recognized by IDEA with the "Commitment to Excellence Award" and is an IDEA Certified Door Dealer Consultant.  Roy is a member of the tech service team at Micanan Systems. He was Operations Manager at Guardian until 2012.  We hope that you find Roy's articles informative and entertaining.  Feel free to leave your comments for Roy.


What is HomeLink®?

by Roy Bardowell, CDDC

HomeLink® is a wireless control that allows users to open the garage door from the comfort of their vehicle. Instead of the remote, the garage door opener controls are integrated smoothly into your vehicle interior. These controls have three buttons and they can be fully programmed according to your requirements. You never have to worry about missing remote controls and related problems again.

What are the benefits of using HomeLink®?

All garage door and security experts encourage people to install HomeLink in their vehicles. These systems offer a number of benefits and some of those benefits are listed below:

  • Easy to program—HomeLink® is easy to program and has Quicktrain technology built into the system. Even if the vehicle doesn’t support Quicktrain technology, this system can be programmed.
  • Battery-free—The control is powered by the car’s electrical system so there’s no reason to be concerned about the batteries.
  • It’s convenient—The HomeLink® system is always located at the same place, easy to access, and easy to operate. This means you don’t need to hunt for the controls to leave or enter the garage.
  • Versatile—This system controls property gates, alarm systems, and garage door openers. You can find information about the full range of information regarding the device on the HomeLink® website.
  • What Garage door openers work with HomeLink®?

    HomeLink® is designed to work with almost every type and brand of garage door openers available in the market and that includes Guardian™ garage door openers. The in-built technology is easily programmable and can form a link between the car, garage door opener, and even the property gates. Here are some ways to find the best compatible garage door openers for your requirements:

  • Established manufacturers—Established manufacturers like Guardian prefer to keep up with the latest technology and make sure all of their garage door openers support HomeLink® technology. This is usually mentioned on the product information page along with information about compatibility and other such factors.
  • Contact customer care—It is important to remember that HomeLink® is not Car2U®by Leer Corporation. Some car manufacturers began providing the alternate Car2U® system to HomeLink® in their cars right around 2006. This hasty move caught most door operator manufacturers by surprise and today there are limited door operators that are compatible with Car2U®. You can contact customer care of the garage door opener manufacturer or call customer service at your auto dealer for solutions. When programming the in car system, the problem may not be with the opener, but with the Car2U® device. When auto manufacturers were installing HomeLink® in their cars, there was rarely a problem. When the auto manufacturers found a lower priced device they never considered conformity or the users. Finding an operator that is compatible with Car2U® is more difficult. However, HomeLink® by Gentex works with most door operators and all Guardian openers. Car2U® by Leer never considered making their product universal. Call your dealership and ask them if they support HomeLink® or Car2U® by Leer. The Leer Corporation has developed a repeater receiver fix and it may be available at the dealership where you purchased your car. They will provide information and answer any questions you might have regarding the performance of the HomeLink® system or Car2U® with the garage door opener. Car2U® devices are not compatible with Guardian door operators. On the other hand, any auto ever made with a HomeLink® system, is compatible with a Guardian opener. A Guardian opener never needs a repeater hit. Some older vehicles will require a HomeLink® repeater kit when used with many of the newer garage door openers on the market today. Call HomeLink® (1-800-355-3515) when you are not sure about the vehicle and opener compatibility.
  • HomeLink® website—The HomeLink® website has information on most of garage door manufacturers. You have to search online for Car2U® by Leer.RENDS: One of the latest trends in doors is the carriage house design. Every door manufacturer now produces a few carriage house designs and this trend took hold very fast and now is most popular with homeowners who want a big change in the look of their home.

    HomeLink® is a registered trademark of Gentex Corporation. Car2U® is a registered trademark of Leer Corporation. Images are property of Gentex Corporation.

  • Roy Bardowell, CDDC, is a member of the tech support team at Micanan Systems. He served as Operations Manager at Guardian Access & Door Hardware until 2012. He has been in the door and operator industry since 1973 and is known as one of the industry’s most experienced operator technicians and trainers. Roy received the IDEA Commitment to Excellence award in 2008 and IDA’s Jerry R. Reynolds Volunteer Service Award in 2017. Contact him at

    1. Bob's picture
      Oct 24, 2017

      I have a Clicker KLIK2U.... Does it work with a Guardian? If so what is the id code for Guardian

    1. Brian's picture
      Oct 26, 2017

      A Clicker is not Universal.  It will not  work with a Guardian garage door opener.  Google "Guaridan GDOR2B" for sources that will sell a compaible remote.  If more help is needed please call 1-424-272-6998.

    1. Anonymous's picture
      Nov 15, 2017

      No I don't believe Clicker included the Guardian frequency in their product.

    1. Elmore Haney's picture
      Nov 08, 2017

      We have a 2011 Ford Escape with an Interior System for operation of Exterior Gates, Garage Door and House Security Lights. I am unable to Program the Guardian 630SL with the vehicle equipped system which worked with the other Garage Door Opener our home had. Is there a reason I am unable to set up this Opener purchased from your company using the "Guardian Remote Clicker" the only answer to this inconvenience ?

    1. Brian's picture
      Nov 16, 2017


      There are two systems auto manufactures supply with their cars, HomeLink, made by Gentex and Car2U made by Leer Corp.  Guardian operators are compatible with HomeLink, but not Car2U.  Please check your car's owner's manual to see what system is used in your vehicle.  There should also be a phone number in the manual to call for help in programming either of the two systems.


    1. Scott Caryer's picture
      Nov 11, 2017

      I have two guardian remote controls that do NOT open our Guardian garage door opener. I have replaced the batteries in both units, and they still do not work. However, the external wall mounted wireless garage door opener works, as well as the embedded garage door openers in our Honda cars. So what is not working are the two guardian remotes. Please provide some direction to troublehoot and solve this issue.

      Thanks in advance...Scott

    1. Brian's picture
      Nov 16, 2017

      Hi Scott,

      Have the remote controls always worked with the garage door opener or is the issue something recent?  The fact that the HomeLink system in your car is working indicates that the radio receiver in the opener is working.  What are the model numbers of your opener and remote controls?  To talk directly to a tech who can help to troubleshoot, call 1-424-272-6998.

    1. Alayne's picture
      Nov 30, 2017

      Is there a way to put the lights on the opener in "motion" mode, rather than just coming on by pushing the light button or opening the garage door?

    1. Brian's picture
      Dec 04, 2017

      Dear Alayne,

      Some gargae door openers have a special control console that can provide this function.  Your Guardian opener is not adaptable to this console,  A less expensive alternative would be to replace the light switch in your carage with a passive infrared motion sensor wall switch.  This switch will recognize a presence in the room/garage and turn on/off lights accordingly.  A garage door opener system works with a set timer, so lights can remain on even after the person has left the garage.  The switch could be purchaed at any hardware of store or home center.


    1. Brian Cuyno's picture
      Jan 13, 2018


      I recently received a new unit (628) from Diego, who works at your Los Angeles office. It is now installed but I continue to have problems.

      When trying to program the up and down limits I continue to have issues, I will try to program the up limit and it will stop, which will require me to continue the process until the door is up. Then when I try to program the down sequence the door will start to go down then beep once, then stop. I go through the sequence again and the programing sequencing process does not go through smoothly. I keep pressing the limit twice for the down option, I will work for a second then it won't.

      Right now my wife and I are having to manually open and close the door.


    1. Brian's picture
      Jan 15, 2018


      Pages 16-18 in the 628 owner's manual will provide a step by step process, if more help is needed, please contact our tech service help line (424-272-6998) and a tech will walk you through the limit setting process.  


    1. Steve's picture
      Jan 30, 2018

      I recently posted complaining about the motor. I found a number for Guardian technical services online and as a last effort I called them. Technical services was great and helped me fix the problem fairly easily with directions over the phone. I’m impressed with corporate but still disappointed in the local installer as since the day they installed the opener they come across as more interested in generating charges than doing what’s right for the customer.

      Thanks to Technical Services!

    1. Shirley Rankin's picture
      Feb 05, 2018

      I'm in New Zealand. If I can't source this for my Guardian 21230DL, I'll have to discard an entire garage door opener which works perfectly well just because it can't receive the signal from the remote.

      I looked for an internet sale on your website but couldn't find it.

      Considering that it will cost $800 to replace the whole door opener unnecessarily, I would really appreciate your help.


    1. Brian's picture
      Feb 11, 2018

      Guardian products can be found in New Zealand at Windsor Doors

      Windsor Doors Auckland

      347 Great South Rd.

      Takanini 2112, Auckland

      P: 09 298 8655

      F: 09 298 0626


      Windsor Doors Christchurch

      Doric Way, Waterloo Business Park


      P: 03 343 3276

      F: 03 343 3761


      Windsor Doors Wellington

      (Incorporating Castle Doors Ltd)

      95 Nelson Street,

      Petone, Wellington

      P: 0800 020 785

      F: 04 589 3986

      Windsor Doors Hamilton Unit 8

      170 Maui Street

      Te Rapa, Hamilton

      P: 07 850 6140

      F: 09 298 0626

    1. Marty Marias's picture
      Mar 01, 2018

      Roy, I have six two button remotes, the black rubber inserts fall out and I have to use a small object to activate the opener. Would it be possible to send me five or six replacements. I would happily pay for them.
      Marty Marias
      310 328-6278
      201 Ruth Ave.
      Venice CA 90291

    1. Jamie's picture
      Mar 24, 2018


      My garage door motor is beeping every 15 minutes. Is this due to my remote battery being low or the motor being low? I'm having trouble locating a batter on the actual motor.

    1. Brian's picture
      Mar 25, 2018

      Hi Jamie,

      A good answer can't be provided without more information.  Please call 1-424-272-6998 and a tech will be able to assess the issue and provide a solution. 

    1. smith's picture
      May 01, 2018

      I read the comment on how a clicker is not universal and will not work on guardian garage doors. Specifically could you please suggest one that will work? Your tech phone number is useless! I've left two messages and not received a return call yet and its been three days. No one ever answers either.

    1. Brian's picture
      May 06, 2018

      Any Guardian remote control listed on the remote controls page on this website will work with any Guardian operator.

      If there are issues reaching technical service please feel free to contact a regional office (also listed on the website).

    1. Sherri's picture
      May 13, 2018

      My garage door will not work with the wall panel unit. The remote control units work and the keypad outside works. Any suggestions?

    1. Brian's picture
      May 14, 2018

      Hi Sherri,

      Is the LED back light on the panel glowing?  Check the wiring first.  The plug on the end of the wire leading from the control banel should be securely plugged into the "wall box" recepticle on the motor head.  Check for any wire shorts due to staples holding the wire to the wall.  Check the wire terminal connections on the back of the panel.. If more help is needed please call 1-424-272-6998.

    1. Robert Johnson's picture
      Jun 29, 2018

      The drive belt on my 3/4 HP Guardian executive series 600SL has broken. How do I get it fixed? I called your 800-989-8769 phone number and the phone company said the number is disconnected so no one answered

    1. Brian's picture
      Jul 04, 2018


      Please call Guardian Tech Service at 424-272-6998 for help.  

    1. Jada's picture
      Aug 12, 2018

      Lost power and opened the garage manually, power came back on the door opened almost completely and stopped. Beeping 20 times checked no lights on. Metered the wires for power, 21.08 tried aligning can't get any LEDs on?

    1. Brian's picture
      Aug 13, 2018

      Dear Jada,

      20 beeps signified a photo-eye misalignment or faliure.  Please call Guardian Tech Service at 1-424-272-6998 to resolve.  Thanks

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