How to Program Your Keypad

This video provides the step-by-step process to program a Guardian keypad to a Guardian garage door operator.

NOTE: Do not obstruct the photo-eye beam while in LEARN mode. Breaking the beam prior to programming may cause a fault in the LEARN process.

  1. Cindy's picture
    May 19, 2018

    My garage keypad still opens with all of the old and new codes. We changed it for security but it will open will both Old and new codes?? How is this possible or safe??

  1. Brian's picture
    May 20, 2018

    The Guardian garage door opener receiver can store 20 remote control or keypad codes.  To erase the original keypad code, all codes stored in the receiver must be erased first.  Press & kold the "LEARN" button on the operator motor head for about 7 seconds until a beep is heard or courtesy light flashes.  Then re-program your keypad's new code and any hand held remote controls that were programmed previously.

  1. Kathy's picture
    Sep 18, 2018

    Just purchased the Guardian wireless keypad model 303KP. We are having trouble getting the keypad to work. We are able to program in our new code but the keypad opens the door also by just pressing the ENTER button (not having entered a code at all). Cannot seem to fix this issue. Any recommendations or is the unit defective?

  1. Brian's picture
    Sep 21, 2018

    After entering your code, pressing the ENTER button will send your code to the opener.  For the next 30 seconds, the ENTER button acts as an emergency push button, allowing the user to change direction of the door quickly without the need to enter the code. 

    The keypad is functioning normally.

  1. Brendan Maxwell's picture
    Oct 10, 2018

    Key pad sync is not working. Hitting learn then entering code and pressing enter nothing happens but 7 blinks maybe 20 seconds later

  1. Brian's picture
    Oct 12, 2018


    The keypad blinks as it times out, so the batteries appear to be fine.

    Press the LEARN button on the operator, within 30 seconds enter your code then press ENTER.  If nothing happens, press the ENTER key again to resend the code.  If this does not work, please call tech service 1-424-272-6998.

  1. Tony Loeffel's picture
    Mar 18, 2020

    I just bought a guardian keypad remote and although the lights blink and turn off after hitting the enter key, the door won't accept the keypad to load.

  1. Brian's picture
    Mar 19, 2020

    Hi Tony,

    Please call tech service at 424-272-6998.  Have the garage door opener model number, serial number (located on the top of the opener just above the control buttons) and model number of the keypad that you are trying to program.

  1. jack's picture
    Aug 23, 2020

    hello, i have a guardian WKCC and i can only program one door to open. both my operators are Lynx 455 plus but it seems that only one operator is accepting the code.

  1. Brian's picture
    Aug 24, 2020

    The WKCC will work with the Lynx 455.  Try to program the keypad near the operator head before hanging it on the wall.  One keypad, using a different 2 to 6 digit code, can be programmed to each opener.

  1. Lorenzo Perez's picture
    Oct 17, 2020

    Hello, I just reset the Guardian 415 to default and the keypad won't accept the code I want to use. I just moved into this house and want to secure it by removing all old owner access.

  1. Brian's picture
    Oct 17, 2020

    Hi Lorenzo,

    1. Please check the keypad batteries.  Replace if necessary.

    2. When programming the new keypad code to the operator, after placing the operator into LEARN mode, DO NOT break the beam of the photo-eyes.  Breaking the beam will take the operator out of LEARN mode and the new code cannot be learned.


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